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The Thieves Market Dennis Haseley

The Thieves Market

Dennis Haseley

ISBN : 9780060224936
32 pages
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 About the Book 

I just didnt get this book. A market in the middle of the night when all the adults are sleeping and children wander out in their PJs and trade little objects/drawings for (according to the jacket cover--I certainly didnt figure this out for myself) glimpses of their futures? What does this have to do with thieves? Or is gypsy supposed to be synonymous with thief?? It had a sort of dream-like quality, but...I just didnt understand it. In my opinion, you should not HAVE to read the book jacket after reading the book just to figure out what the heck the book was supposed to be about. Especially for a picture book. Im glad someone likes it. Its just not my cup of tea.