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Something New (A Subs Journal Part 1) J.L. Nelson

Something New (A Subs Journal Part 1)

J.L. Nelson

Kindle Edition
16 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Warning: contains explicit scenes of various sexual acts, BDSM activities that include (but are not limited to) spanking and bondage, and random other naughtiness. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THESE THINGS OFFEND YOU.First volume in an ongoing series about a slaves relationship with her Master. Includes her introduction to spanking under the hands of her first Dom. 5100 words.Our first full weekend together began mildly enough. I had just finished preparing snacks for friends of his who were due to arrive soon for an evening of poker when I was summoned to the living room. He grasped one of my wrists with his large hand and led me to the bedroom, commenting that we had a little time to spare. Once there, I was tipped over his knee, kicking weakly in mock protest as he began to spank me soundly over my blue jeans. He allowed me to rise from his lap a few minutes later and ordered me to undress....