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Gay Domination: Volume One Sadie Emerson

Gay Domination: Volume One

Sadie Emerson

Published November 16th 2013
Kindle Edition
36 pages
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 About the Book 

Three steamy, dreamy gay BDSM fantasies for half the price of a paperback! The Gay Domination Collection includes three sexy tales of domination, submission, humiliation, rough sex and more! Includes the stories: Employee Domination, Cell Block Domination, & Gay Billionaire Domination.Employee Domination: Kevin is a cute sales associate at Dans Denim, a high end boutique store. On a slow Sunday, when a mysterious stranger appears looking for help, Kevin asks for the assistance of his sexy boss, Victor. Little does he know what the two men have in store for him. How far will he go to please his boss and the ruggedly handsome customer?Cell Block Domination: Daniel catches a tough break when he is sentenced to do time in the county jail, but fortunately for him hes got a sizzling hot cellmate! Rick may be able to show Daniel the ropes of prison life, but first he has to learn what real domination is all about! This gay, erotic, BDSM novella contains graphic descriptions of domination, humiliation, gang banging and more!Gay Billionaire Domination: Nubile college graduate Tim is determined to become a copywriter in the glamorous world of advertising. He thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he lands an interview with Don Sanderson, the sexy, fifty-something owner of a billion dollar agency. But why is it that the powerful man comments on muscular Tim’s LinkedIn picture instead of his experience? How far will Tim go to get his dream job?