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Volcanic Earthquakes and Tremor in Japan Takeshi Nishimura

Volcanic Earthquakes and Tremor in Japan

Takeshi Nishimura

Published July 1st 2011
ISBN : 9784876989799
276 pages
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 About the Book 

Japans active volcanoes and eruptions have occurred in a variety of forms, including: violent explosive eruptive activity, such as that at Sakurajima volcano- lava dome eruptions at Mt. Unzen- basaltic magma ejections at Izu-Oshima- and caldera collapse at the Miyakejima volcanoes. Correspondingly, volcanic earthquakes and tremors exhibit a range of characteristics according to the varieties of volcanic eruptions. This book contains fundamental details required for understanding Japans volcanic phenomena, based on analyses of earthquakes and tremors observed at active volcanoes. It outlines all the complicated processes, including observation, categorization, and generalized relations between eruptions and tremors. The book will serve as an entry level text for students who wish to learn about earthquake and tremor activity of volcanoes. It will also be a resource for researchers working in various volcano-related fields and volcano disaster prevention. This book should be on the shelf of every scientist with an interest into how volcanoes work. Dr. Bernard Chouet, U.S. Geological Survey ...large number of excellent graphs and figures....significant information applicable to understanding volcanoes outside the Japanese Islands. The Leading Edge (August 2012)